Tempered Immortal V2 Chapter 2

Volume 2 Chapter 2 – Trash Pill Storage

Here is the second chapter of the day and sorry to say it is also the last chapter of the day, i’m just too tired to do another chapter today, but i will make it up to you all tomorrow by releasing a 4th chapter. Also what do you guys think of the dialogue, should i add connotations to show who is talking or is it fine as is. Hope you enjoy and see ya tomorrow.

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Tempered Immortal V2 Chapter 1

Volume 2 Chapter 1 – Play the role of the pig to eat the tiger

Here is the first chapter of the day, and the next one will be out after a while. As for the third chapter that was promised for today, i might or might not be able to finish it today and if i don’t, I’ll release it tomorrow along with the other three for tomorrow. Hope you guys enjoy.

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Tempered Immortal Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Danxia Mountain

Here we are folks, the third chapter of the day as well as the last chapter of volume 1. I’d like to thank those of you who have stuck around and kept reading, even with my unreliable release speeds. I’m hoping to get some more people working on translating this which will hopefully mean faster releases for you all. Also, let me just apologize ahead of time for any errors, as i am super sleepy right now and I’ve probably made some mistakes somewhere along the line. Hope you all enjoy, and have a good night.

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