No Free Time

Sorry for the no show over the past couple of days as I’ve barely had any free time lately, and I’ve been unable to translate a chapter. As of now I’ll still be extremely busy for at least another week, so please bear with me till i manage to free up my schedule some, i will try to translate what i can during this time period, but i make no promises. Once again, sorry for not explaining sooner and i wont forget the chapters i promised to do.

Busy Week ; Chapters this weekend

I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve been super busy this week, so i wasn’t able to put up a chapter 2 days ago like i planned on, but since i have this weekend off, i’ll be posting two chapters today and another two tomorrow to make up for it.

Need a new synopsis

Well, its come to my attention that I’m lacking a synopsis, and some people would probably want to read one before jumping into the story. The problem with this is that i completely suck at doing a synopsis, so i was hoping one of you readers would be able to whip one up for me while avoiding spoilers. In the event that no oneĀ  does a synopsis, i will do my best to either translate the one on the raw site, or come up with one of my own, but it wont be that great since i suck at this.

New Chapter Soon

I just want to apologize for the lack of releases, especially after i gave a set release speed. The reason i havent released any chapters is primarily because i’ve had little time between school and work, and the rest of my team is just as busy. Anyways, i will have a chapter up for you guys by tomorrow morning at the latest, and i will try to maintain 2 releases a week as i previously promised.