No Free Time

Sorry for the no show over the past couple of days as I’ve barely had any free time lately, and I’ve been unable to translate a chapter. As of now I’ll still be extremely busy for at least another week, so please bear with me till i manage to free up my schedule some, i will try to translate what i can during this time period, but i make no promises. Once again, sorry for not explaining sooner and i wont forget the chapters i promised to do.

4 thoughts on “No Free Time

  1. Thanks for the update.

    Don’t worry about it to much, you let us know whats going on and that’s all we can ask for or should ask for some of us seem to feel entitled to getting chapters on a daily basis no matter the translator’s problems.

    Can only hope that you can continue this TL for a long time to come.

    Looking forward to the next chapter, when you get it out.


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