Need a new synopsis

Well, its come to my attention that I’m lacking a synopsis, and some people would probably want to read one before jumping into the story. The problem with this is that i completely suck at doing a synopsis, so i was hoping one of you readers would be able to whip one up for me while avoiding spoilers. In the event that no one  does a synopsis, i will do my best to either translate the one on the raw site, or come up with one of my own, but it wont be that great since i suck at this.

9 thoughts on “Need a new synopsis

  1. In a small valley, there’s a mortal
    The strong will devour the weak
    No matter how he suffers, he won’t back down
    As he strives to become an immortal.

    The Tempered Immortal

    (lol idk, just make it sound like some poem about immortals and hard work)


  2. In a small third rate sect, an ordinary boy with little cultivation talent strives to become an immortal. Living in a martial world where only the strong are respected and the weak are ridiculed, Lin Xuan is bullied and despised. But despite these circumstances he has persevered with his determination, patience, and intelligence. Finally, one day due to a life and death battle is he able to obtain a treasure that paves the path for him to become an immortal.

    Will he be able to stay hidden long enough to become strong? Or will he be squashed like an ant by others whom covet his treasure if they knew it existed? His ingenuity will be put to the test on this road of acquiring strength and deceiving others of his weakness.

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  3. A weakling with no talent for cultivating,but only a hard work ethic. A weakling living in a world where only the strong can survive. How will he survive this harsh world? Join us in the world of the Tempered Immortal.

    ????? I tried my best lol


  4. A standard power-up Xiania, but the main character is more calm than most main character, so it might develop in some nice depth of character XD, join me on this journey as we get tempered alongside the Tempered Immortal!!


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