No Free Time

Sorry for the no show over the past couple of days as I’ve barely had any free time lately, and I’ve been unable to translate a chapter. As of now I’ll still be extremely busy for at least another week, so please bear with me till i manage to free up my schedule some, i will try to translate what i can during this time period, but i make no promises. Once again, sorry for not explaining sooner and i wont forget the chapters i promised to do.

Need a new synopsis

Well, its come to my attention that I’m lacking a synopsis, and some people would probably want to read one before jumping into the story. The problem with this is that i completely suck at doing a synopsis, so i was hoping one of you readers would be able to whip one up for me while avoiding spoilers. In the event that no one  does a synopsis, i will do my best to either translate the one on the raw site, or come up with one of my own, but it wont be that great since i suck at this.

Tempered Immortal V2 Chapter 5

Volume 2 Chapter 5  – Mid-Grade Purified Essence Pill

Here is the first of the two chapters i promised, the other chapter as well as the regular release will be out sometime tomorrow. I’d also like to point out that purifying essence pills will now be called purified essence pills, as that seems to make a bit more sense to me. If there are any problems, or any changes you guys would like to see, please comment and let me know. Hope you enjoy the chapter, and A Good Night/Evening to you all.

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Tempered Immortal V2 Chapter 4

Volume 2 Chapter 4 Closed Door Cultivation
    Here is the second chapter for the day,and sorry to say, but I’m more tired than i expected, so the two chapters i still owe you guys will probably not be done tonight. I will however do as much of the next chapter as i can, but no promises on it coming out tonight. Hope you enjoy the chapter and as usual, please point out any mistakes and/or changes i can put to make my translations better. As my three day weekend is now at an end, I’ll be returning to my usual release speed of one chapter every 2-3 days, but because i still owe you guys 2 chapters out of what i promised, they will be released along with my regular chapter in 2-3 days time.

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